What Is the Sorensen Institute for Political Leadership?

Through a variety of programs - for high school and college leaders to first-time political candidates and influential business and community leaders - the Sorensen Institute has established itself as a powerful and effective force for restoring public confidence in our political system. At the heart of every Sorensen program are three central themes: ethics in public service, the power of bipartisanship, and a concentrated study of public policy issues.

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Meet the esteemed alumni who completed our program and continued on to improve their communities.

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 Our leadership development programs focus on Virginia residents interested in becoming active in public service.

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Leadership Award Nominations

This award will be presented annually to the individuals who model the spirit and mission of Sorensen through the trust, civility and respect they have consistently shown toward others. They create sustainable efforts toward the betterment of a more decent and tolerant civic life and culture for the people of the Commonwealth. 

PLP 2018 Profile: Tina Pullen

Name: Christina Pullen

Birthplace and/or where you grew up: Norfolk

Where do you currently call home? Chesapeake

Occupation: Public Affairs Officer, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Norfolk Field Office

PLP 2018 Profile: Rich Breeden

Name: Richard “Rich” Breeden

Birthplace and/or where you grew up: Waynesboro, VA

Where do you currently call home? Spotsylvania, VA

Occupation: Vice President, Kingfisher Systems, Inc.

PLP 2018 Profile: Sam Cohen

Name: Samantha Cohen

Birthplace and/or where you grew up: Bedford, NY

Where do you currently call home? Roanoke, VA

Occupation: Appeals, Virginia Department of Veterans Services

PLP 2018 Profile: Ty Bates

Name: Tyvon “Ty” Bates

Birthplace and/or where you grew up: Richmond, VA

Where do you currently call home? Richmond, VA

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