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Sorensen Alumni

The Sorensen Institute is proud to have more than 2,000 graduates of our various programs. 

Currently 29 program alumni serve in the Virginia General Assembly. Additionally, in 2010, two Sorensen Alumni were elected to the U.S. House of Representatives and in 2013 an alumnus was elected Lt. Governor. They represent the entire range of legislative districts. Sorensen alumni speak for the rural farmer and the urban worker, while representing large metropolitan areas and small traditional communities. These legislators are visible reminders that politics can be about the heated clash of ideas, but that our differences do not have to divide us.

Democratic Alumni

  • Ralph Northam, CTP 2007, Lt. Governor of Virginia
  • Lashrecse Aird, PLP 2015, VA House of Delegates 63rd District
  • John Bell, CTP Spring 2009, VA House of Delegates 87th District
  • David Bulova, PLP 1997, VA House of Delegates 37th District
  • Adam Ebbin, PLP 2000, VA State Senate 30th District
  • Cliff Hayes, CTP 2001, VA House of Delegates 77th District
  • Charniele Herring, PLP 2006, CTP 2008, VA House of Delegates 46th District
  • Mark Keam, PLP 2012, VA House of Delegates 35th District
  • Kaye Kory, CTP Winter 2009, VA House of Delegates 38th District
  • Lynwood Lewis, PLP 1995, CTP 1999, VA State Senate 6th District
  • Alfonso Lopez, PLP 2003, VA House of Delegates 49th District
  • Monty Mason, CTP 2010, VA State Senate 1st District
  • Jennifer McClellan, PLP 2001, CTP 2005, VA State Senate 9th District
  • Jeremy McPike, PLP 2012, VA Senate 29th District
  • Mike Mullen, PLP 2015, VA House of Delegates 93rd District
  • Mark Sickles, PLP 1998, CTP 2001, VA House of Delegates 43rd District

Republican Alumni

  • Rich Anderson, CTP Winter 2009, PLP 2012, VA House of Delegates 51st District
  • John Cosgrove, PLP 1998, VA Senate 14th District
  • Glenn Davis, PLP 2007, VA House of Delegates 84th District
  • Mark Dudenhefer, CTP 2005, VA House of Delegates 2nd District
  • Scott Garrett, CTP 2006, VA House of Delegates 23rd District
  • Tag Greason, CTP Winter 2009, VA House of Delegates 32nd District
  • Jay Leftwich, PLP 1996, VA House of Delegates 78th District
  • Danny Marshall, CTP 2001, VA House of Delegates 14th District
  • Randy Minchew, CTP 2001, VA House of Delegates 10th District
  • Jason Miyares, PLP 2000, VA House of Delegates 82nd District
  • Christopher Peace, PLP 2004, VA House of Delegates 97th District
  • Bryce Reeves, PLP 2009, CTP Winter 2010, VA State Senate 17th District
  • David Yancey, CTP 2011, VA House of Delegates 94th District
  • Joseph Yost, CTP 2011, VA House of Delegates 12th District

Hundreds of graduates of Sorensen’s programs hold positions in local government, as mayors, council members, supervisors and elected positions all over the Commonwealth, or as appointed members of boards and commissions and as local community leaders.

Student Programs Alumni

Sorensen's High School and College Leaders Programs alumni have already made their mark on Virginia.

Student Programs alumni are student body presidents, legislative aides, Rhodes Scholars, Governor's Fellows, and appointees to state boards and commissions.

All students in Sorensen's High School and College Leaders Programs write and defend legislation as part of their group projects. The following bills, now approved, were initially crafted by our young alumni, who also lobbied for the bills' passage.

SB 906: Any family life education curriculum offered by a local school division shall require the SOL objectives related to dating violence and the characteristics of abusive relationships to be taught at least once during middle school and at least twice during high school.

HB 1435: If a local school board offers a course in American Sign Language (ASL), it must treat completion of that course as a completion of a foreign language course for purposes of academic credit and graduation requirements.

HB 300/SB 354: Provides a $200 tax credit to registered beekeepers for each new hive.