High School Leaders Program Class of 2022

Day 2: Sunday, July 10

Reported By: Lucas Addison, John I. Burton High School and Callie Walsh, West Potomac High School

For our first full day at Sorensen, we focused on getting to know other members of the cohort. Our morning started with a game of “get to know you” bingo, followed by a challenging activity requiring us to communicate and “popcorn” count to 10. Later, everyone enjoyed a very intense game of political pictionary, sparking a friendly rivalry between some of the teams. One clue in particular, federalism, managed to stump all 32 members of our cohort. To wrap up the morning, we participated in team-building exercises before heading to lunch.

In the afternoon, we were divided into teams and sent on a scavenger hunt across the UVA grounds. Teams could be found running across the corner, approaching random strangers for photos, and scouring the lawn for symbols of secret societies. Some of the more difficult pictures included:

  • Green bananas
  • A bearded man
  • Seersucker
  • A wedding

While beginning the scavenger hunt, one of the groups ran into former Delegate David Ramadan, who is a scholar at the UVA Center for Politics! The group spent over 30 minutes talking to Dr. Ramadan while he waited for an Uber, asking questions about his experience going against his party as a legislator, and representing a more liberal part of the state as a member of the Republican Party. After several hours of exploring the campus, as well as some much-needed naps, we were off to dinner at O-Hill.  

After dinner, some students from the cohort took advantage of the beautiful views found at the Lawn and spent time working on that night’s assignments and the coming week’s class readings. Although class at HSLP has yet to start, we were all able to enjoy time getting to know each other and are looking forward to the days to come.


HSLP 2022 relaxing in the Gooch lounge