CLP 2016: Day 2 - Sunday, June 12, 2016

College Leaders Program Class of 2016
Day 2: Sunday, June 12, 2016
Reported By: Stewart Lawrence, Hampden-Sydney College

Day Two of the College Leaders Program started bright and early with a group meeting at 7:55am. After scarfing down a light breakfast, we all met downstairs to walk over to the Poplar Ridge Challenge Course across campus. Upon arriving in our best athletic garb in preparation for a scorching day, we promptly dove into a number of team building exercises that were designed to test our communication and leadership skills.

First, the CLP class was tasked with lowering a hula-hoop to the ground collectively. This activity took a few tries. Eventually, we were able to succeed, because I directed my classmates on when to lower the hoop on which side equally. After this, our group had to overcome a balance challenge named “whale watching.” This was directly followed by a course that required the entire class to move between a series of elevated positions using wooden planks. Since there were so many college students crammed together on small platforms, a “Czar” of sorts was required to provide a clear strategy to complete the task. In this case, a Czarina rose to the challenge: Felisha Leffler. On her role, Leffler states, “I think having cooperation made the exercise work. Working together helped to provide creative solutions for a creative problem. When else would you try to fit 14 people on a 3x2 square?”

Afterwards, the CLP Class of 2016 beat a hasty retreat back to Bice House in order to shower and recuperate for the classroom discussion of the day. The subject was Dialogue and Discourse, which covered different ways to communicate ideas in a respectful and engaging manner. We learned the distinct differences between debates and dialogues and how both reflect respective ways to convey positions. I personally found this discussion helpful, because I have often engaged in debates with a focus on proving a point rather than a discussion where I can broaden my mind and benefit everyone involved. The night ended with Chipotle and comradery in the apartment of the program managers. All in all, I thought the second day of Sorensen’s College Leaders Program was a resounding success.

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