CLP 2016: Day 3 - Monday, June 13, 2016

College Leaders Program, Class of 2016
Day Three: June 13, 2016
Reported by Felisha Leffler, Sweet Briar College

Day three of the program started today with the first walk to the classroom where we began our class, the Informed and Thoughtful Citizen with Dr. Quentin Kidd.  We also enjoyed a class segment with Lauren Gilbert, the director of programs here at Sorensen.  Dr. Kidd engaged us with his knowledge of Virginia history as well as with his PowerPoint that laid out the population of Virginia and how the population changes over time. It is already clear that he is going to be teaching a fascinating class!

Today, we also enjoyed a fabulous lunch from Jason’s Deli and during lunch worked in small groups to address the problems and the good aspects of the five different regions of Virginia and then the same for Virginia as a whole. This exercise was then reviewed by the class and narrowed down to four areas; three of which will be chosen by the class to become culminating projects where the group will propose legislative solutions to those problems.

We were treated to a fabulous dinner of grilled salmon/chicken, rice, steamed broccoli, and salad. The highlight was the green salad dressing titled “green goddess,” which was absolutely fabulous with all of the components of the meal not just the salad.

The close of our day came when we dolled ourselves up for the group photo as well as the individual headshots. It was much cooler than yesterday, and it was much appreciated. The weather was so beautiful that after the formal photo sessions concluded, the group stayed to take photos of their own and have fun enjoying the company of new friends.

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Monday, Jun 13, 2016