HSLP 2018: Day 14

Reported by: Jack Holt, Washington-Lee High School David Lim, Douglass S. Freeman High School

Today the Sorenson HSLP spent the day presenting their policy proposals and wrapping up class. The day started at ten, when the Environment and Energy group began their presentation to a board of veterans in the political field. Each presentation was around ten minutes long, and was followed by a ten minute question and answer session. The presentations went well, and it was clear that everyone had become very knowledgeable on their topics. After the presentations, the group took a break for lunch, and had class elections.

The class voted on both a president and a speaker for graduation the following day. Frankie Garner was elected as class president, and Pooja Tanjore was elected as the speaker. We also celebrated the birthday of Bas Philipsen with cookies and lemon cakes. 

Once lunch ended, the class had one more class session, where they reflected on their two weeks at camp and how they would take the lessons learned at Sorensen and apply them to the real world. The class discussed for an hour and a half, before breaking to get ready for dinner. The day ended with dinner at restaurant on the corner and superlatives from the class. This day was a perfect ending to a great week, and the students are excited for graduation! 

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Friday, Jul 20, 2018