Reported by Chip Maurer (James Monroe High School)

Congratulations High School Leaders Program Class of 2017! We did it!

Today we heard two weeks of hard work recapped in incredible speeches from Lauren Gilbert, Alex White, and Bob Gibson. The Spirit of Citizenship Award went to two deserving members of our class, Choetsow Tenzin and Ted McPhillips. After enjoying two weeks with them I can't think of anyone better to receive these awards.

After graduation we took photos in the most iconic place at UVA, the Rotunda, getting to pose next to Thomas Jefferson. Then came the sad part—cleaning out our dorms and saying goodbye to the new lifelong friends we made here.

As we launch ourselves back into the world with a new perspective on politics and a new found drive for change, I ask of my class one thing—remember our time here because nothing will compare to it!

Friday, Aug 4, 2017