In fall of 1994, our Sorensen class (then the Virginia Institute of Political Leadership), met in Northern Virginia at George Mason University. The highlight of the trip was visiting Senator John Warner. On Friday night, as I recall, he was waiting for a vote to come up, so he visited with our class while he waited. Senator Warner asked us to each introduce ourselves, tell where we were from and share something about ourselves. When Cat Imhoff from Charlottesville introduced herself, she explained that she was employed by an environmental group. Senator Warner said, "Oh! You're a tree hugger!" We all laughed.

At our farewell party and Sorensen graduation, we gave each other fun gifts. For example, one member was about to become a father, so we gave him baby things. Cat gave each of us a little pine seedling, about 10-inches tall, as a gift from our "Tree Hugger." I planted mine in our front yard in Richmond. It's much taller now. I didn't know pine trees grew so fast and so big. It is now called my "Sorensen Tree" and is a wonderful reminder of our class, Cat, Senator Warner and the much enjoyed and appreciated experience of the Class of 1994.
The person in front of the tree is me, and I'm tall!


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Friday, Jul 9, 2010