PLP 2018 Profile: Aaron Edmond

Name: Aaron C. Edmond

Birthplace and/or where you grew up: Birthplace: New Brunswick, New Jersey

Grew Up: Somerset (Franklin Township), New Jersey

Where do you currently call home? Woodbridge, Virginia

Occupation: Naval Administrator, YN1, United States Navy

Favorite part about the job: Getting a chance in my lifetime to serve in the world's strongest Navy! The fact that embracing our diversity, tenacity, and honor, courage, and commitment our guiding compass.

Your first job ever: Service Clerk (Cashier) at Walgreens.

Favorite Book/Currently Reading: Favorite Book: Misery by Stephen King

Currently Reading: Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption by Bryan Stevenson

Comfort Food: Fried Whiting Fish, Collard Greens, and Potato Salad. Ohh and of course a side cornbread!

What’s playing in your car right now? Bebe Rexha- I'm A Mess

Addicted to podcasts? What are the top three you listen to? 1. NPR News "74 Seconds" 2. The New York Times "The Daily" 3. Dissect

Next journey? Next journey would be to finally knock a visit to Australia off of my getaway bucket list.

Favorite Virginia destination? Shenandoah Valley

First political memory? My very first political memory would be Former President George W. Bush addressing the entire nation the evening of September 11, 2001.

Best advice you ever received?
The best advice I have ever received was from my Mom who often reminded me "Don't let anyone define you!". Often growing up when I felt misunderstood or became frustrated with other people's opinions about me, my Mom would always go back to this message. People can only take from you what you allow. If you allow others to define who you are, you are giving them the power to dictate where your path will lead.

If you could have dinner with anyone currently living, whom would it be and why?  If I could have dinner with anyone currently living it would be Barack Obama. It would just be an awesome experience to hear his story of perseverance in person and get advice on how to provide people with hope in times of despair to move a group of people forward. I would also love to ask him what were the biggest mistakes he made in his lifetime and how he went about correcting them.

One thing most people would be surprised to learn about you? I'm a super musical theater nerd who is also an avid singer! Long after performing in several musicals in High School, I try to perform on Karaoke Nights as much as possible to keep my singing skills intact.

Ambition, political or otherwise? Current political ambition: Becoming the next Prince William County Supervisor of the Occoquan District.

Future political ambition: Only time will tell, the sky is the limit if you dream big enough and work hard enough!

Favorite part about the PLP so far? My favorite part of PLP so far has definitely been Friday Night Caucus each weekend session. It is so nice to enjoy the company of my fellow classmates in a relaxed environment where we can chat about our life experiences, the state of our politics, and our plans for the future. I am a firm believer that fellowship with one another is the perfect way to set aside differences and unite. My classmates this year often inspire me and provoke deeper thought into any preconceived notions I may have held before PLP.

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Monday, Oct 1, 2018