High School Leaders Program

Wednesday, Aug 2, 2017

Reported by Landon Sawyer (McLean High School)

We woke up to the sound of the fire alarm blaring throughout the dorms. Somehow the steam from a shower set off the alarm! We waited outside for about 20 minutes before the firemen let us back inside, giving us a late start to the day.

Tuesday, Aug 1, 2017

Reported by Avery Shivers (Christchurch School)

I awoke at 6:30 a.m. to the sound the song "I’ll Make a Man Out of You" from Disney's Mulan blaring from my roommate's alarm clock. By 7:15 a.m. we were all out the door and on our way to the Virginia Capitol building in Richmond.

Monday, Jul 31, 2017

Reported by Ted McPhillips (Granby High School)

On our eleventh day here at the Sorensen Institute High School Leaders Program, we began with a study hall that allowed us to use valuable time with our policy groups to revise and add to our culminating projects. We read through the YPMs comments on our first full drafts, and worked as a team to fix the problems and weaknesses in our original plans.

Sunday, Jul 30, 2017

Reported by: Thomas Liu (劉奐呈) (Langley High School) and Alex Moreno (Western Albemarle High School)

After an interesting Senate simulation on Sunday, Monday brought a movie, a variety of speakers and a unique lesson taught by Mr. Walls.

The movie A Perfect Candidate was about the 1994 senate race in Virginia between Ollie North and Chuck Robb. Learning about the issues in Virginia in 1994 and about the campaign style, which was very personal and combative, was thought-provoking and similar in some ways to current politics.

Saturday, Jul 29, 2017

Reported by: Sabina Vohra (J.R. Tucker High School) and Alex White (Luray High School)

Having had a day off on Saturday, we jumped back into our busy schedule with an all-day Senate Simulation. Each of us had been assigned a Virginia Senator in advance to research and faithfully represent. The simulation was refereed by Mr. Walls as part of his class curriculum. John Metz acted as Governor and Caroline Bones played the role of Lieutenant Governor.

Friday, Jul 28, 2017

Reported by: Iram Amir (The Steward School) and Matthew Marsh (Bishop Sullivan Catholic High School)

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Thursday, Jul 27, 2017

Reported by Carlos Brown Jr. (Henrico High School) & Chloe Lowell (St. Anne's-Belfield School)

The morning began just like the others, with a mad dash to Starbucks in Gibson Hall. The overcast weather could not temper our excitement for the rest of our busy Friday.

Wednesday, Jul 26, 2017

Reported by: Richard Robles (Potomac Falls High School) & Priya Tran (Keystone National High School)

Tuesday, Jul 25, 2017

Reported by Chase Smith (Freeman High School)

Today we spent the first half of our day in McGaheysville at Cub Run Dairy, a major dairy farm in Virginia. With a guided tour from Mr. Gerald Heatwole, the owner of the farm, we learned about the production of milk for Krogers' shelves all across the Commonwealth.

To start, we witnessed a veterinarian do an ultrasound on a cow that was pregnant with twins! The fetal cows were no bigger than two centimeters each, but had beating hearts!

Monday, Jul 24, 2017

Reported by: Sinead Nardi-White (Nelson County High School) and Lucas Johnson (Monticello High School)

Following a night of extensive reading, we all woke up and headed to class at around 9 a.m. Our quick walk across the parking lot turned into a scorching caravan of sleep deprived students brimming with intellectual conversation.